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Express Investing Course ​is an Online Course for Picking Stocks That Can Give High Returns in a Short Period of Time​

Wealth and Joy
  • ​Learn a proven methodology for picking high performance stocks within f​ew minutes
  • ​Learn a complete investment system for building ​market beating stock portfolio
  • ​View the stock performance at ​Live Stock Portfolio


  • Learn to make decent profits in the stock market​
  • Learn to build a profitable stock portfolio​
  • Strategies backed by proven investment principles​
  • ​Simple to understand and easy to learn
  • ​Covers all the essential topics in just under 1 hour
  • ​Doesn’t require extensive financial knowledge to start with
Achieve Big in Your Life


Here’s what you will learn in the Express Investing Course.

Express Investing ​Course ​Has 4 Parts.

​Part 1: ​You will learn 17 super principles of ​​our investment systems.

​Part 2: ​You will ​learn our first investment system called as Investment System 1, which covers ​entry criteria, exit criteria, risk per stock, investment per stock, and number of stocks to invest​.

​Part ​3: ​You will ​learn our ​second investment system called as Investment System ​2, which covers ​entry criteria, exit criteria, risk per stock, investment per stock, and number of stocks to invest​.

​Part 4: ​You will ​learn ​the similarities and differences of the 2 investment systems.​


​Profits and losses are inseparable parts of a business. Investing in the stock market is a business. There are thousands of people around us who made big in the stock market, which simply means that investing can be profitable.

Though there are both profits and losses it’s important ​what wins in the end. It’s important to be in a big net profitable position in the end. Our investment systems have been engineered to be profitable though there will be some fluctuations in the short term.

Stock Portfolio Based on ​Express Investing Course

Investment systems based on Express Investing Course have given excellent returns in the past. Here ​are the Live Portfolios of the 2 investment systems.


Access to Online Course (Video) for One Year

Access to Online Course (Video) for One Year

Part 1: 17 Super Principles of 2 Investment Systems
Part 2: Investment System 1
Part 3: Investment System 2
Part 4: Analysis of 2 Investment Systems

Access to Facebook Community for Lifetime

Access to Facebook Community for Lifetime

Personalized Email Support for One Year

7 Day Money Back Guarantee


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Your purchase is 100% risk free! For any reason, if you're not happy with the course, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your first purchase. Just get in touch with us via email and you'll get ​a refund.

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Pradeep Kumar A

​I'm Pradeep Kumar A, Founder of Top Gainers System, have been associated with the stock market from 2010. I have extensive experience in commodities, index futures, and ​equity markets in India. I run a couple of IT enabled businesses.

My investing success motivated me to design Express Investing Course for stock market beginners in India. I strongly believe that this mini course implants the investing success mantra to beginners in the stock market.


What is Express Investing Course?

​Who can take Express Investing Course?

Can I pick good stocks myself after completing the course?​

​Are the stock positions in the Express Investing Live Portfolio real?

What is the duration of the course?​

​How is the performance of stocks based on Express Investing Course?

How much returns can I expect by following Express Investing Course?​

Is Express Investing Course based on fundamental analysis or technical analysis?​

Is Express Investing Course based on value investing, growth investing, or any other investing strategy?​

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