​Pradeep Kumar A, ​Founder of Top Gainers System​ is associated with the stock market from 2010. ​He has extensive experience in ​equities, ​futures & options, and commodities markets in India.

​We ​​endeavor to ​empower investors by various means to get decent returns on their stock market investments.

​We have designed complete investment systems with well defined answers to all possible questions th​​​​at may arise during the stock investment process.​ You can have early access to those stock portfolios. You can explore those systems at the Portfolios page.

We have designed various tools helpful for stock investors. One among them is a Portfolio Power Spreadsheet. It’s designed for managing the stock portfolio.

We have a bunch of spreadsheets like Nifty 50 Top Gainers and Top Losers, Nifty 100 Top Gainers and Top Losers, Nifty 200 Top Gainers and Top Losers, etc. With these spreadsheets you can sort and filter stocks based on Industry, Market Cap, Recent Price, 1D Return%, 1W Return %, 1M Return %, etc.

​Learn to build a stock portfolio that can beat the market returns without using any complex methods & tools. You can get access to the free video.

You can explore the above mentioned tools and resources at the Resources page.

We wish you great success ahead in your investing journey!

Thank you!​

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