NSE Top Gainers and NSE Top Losers​

​Spreadsheet Link: NSE Top Gainers and Top Losers

Video Help Link: How to Use Top Gainers and Top Losers Spreadsheets?

Note: Read the Guidelines sheet (inside the file) on how to use the sheet.

With this spreadsheet (​Spreadsheet Link above) you can sort and filter NSE stocks ​based on NSE Stock Symbol, ​Market Cap, Recent Price, 1 Day Return, 1 Week Return, 1 Month Return, 3 Months Return, 6 Months Return, 1 Year Return, ​2 Years Return and ​3 Years Return.

Also you can sort and filter stocks based on % down from 52 week high and % up from 52 week low.​

For example, you can sort the last 6 months return % (change %) from highest to lowest in value. You can filter stocks whose Recent Price is under Rs. 100, Rs. 300, etc. Or you can filter stocks whose Market Cap is greater than Rs. 8,000 crore, Rs. 25,000 crore, etc.

The file contains a N​SE stocks list. You can sort the companies in the National Stock Exchange ​like N​SE top gainers and N​SE top losers.

You can also see N​SE top gainers today, last week, last month, last 3 months, last 6 months, and last year.

Similarly, you can sort ​NSE top losers today, last week, last month, last 3 months, last 6 months, and last year.

It’s a live auto updating spreadsheet. The spreadsheet automatically fetches the recent price from NSE with the help of google finance.

Also you can download the spreadsheet as MS Excel for further analysis.

Note: View the sheet in Laptop or Desktop for Sort, Filter views, Download, and other spreadsheet features.

Disclaimer: Quotes may be delayed up to 20 minutes. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. Quote source: Google Finance.​

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