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Key Investing Strategy - Past Performance

The spreadsheet above has Performance, Holding, and Exited sheets.

The Performance sheet has a short analysis of the portfolio.

The Holding sheet shows the stocks that are bought and not sold yet.

The Exited sheet has the stocks that are bought and sold.

The portfolio has delivered excellent month on month returns. From its inception this portfolio has outperformed Nifty 50 by a huge margin.

The above portfolio is based on a stock investing strategy called 3 Stocks Retirement Strategy (3SRS) or Key Investing Strategy. It is a rule based investment strategy with well defined answers to all possible questions that may arise during the investment process.

It has clear answers to the important decisions like:

Highlights of Key Investing Strategy

Learn all the aspects of the Key Investing Strategy.

Get to know the complete strategy of the Key Investing Strategy. Get access to the strategy video. It contains step by step explanations about entry criteria, exit criteria, risk management, etc. This makes you self reliant on building and managing a portfolio based on this strategy.

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The stock portfolio on this webpage is only for reference to see the past performance of the portfolio based on the Key Investing Strategy.