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​Live Stock Portfolio - Prime Investment System

The live ​stock portfolio above is based on an investment system called the Prime Investment System.​

​Prime Investment System is a complete investment system with well defined answers to all possible questions that may arise during the investment process. It has clear answers to the important questions like:

  • Which stock universe to consider?​
  • How to shortlist stocks?​
  • When to buy a stock?​
  • When to sell a stock in a winning position?​​
  • When to sell a stock in a ​losing position?​
  • How much to invest per stock?​
  • How many stocks to invest in?​

​Features of​ Prime Investment System

Prime Investment System
  • Stocks buying frequency: ​Month​​ly
  • Stocks to buy every month: ​3 stocks​​
  • Portfolio size: 1​8 stocks​​
  • Holding period of every stock: 6 months​​​​​
  • ​Stock universe: Nifty500 stocks (Multicap stocks)
  • ​Stock weightage: Equal weightage
  • ​Risk per stock: 20% (1.1% of total investment)
  • Investment strategy: Momentum investing​​

The stocks will be bought on the 1st Monday of every month.​​

You can get to know those stocks in advance.

You can have early access to the stock portfolio via google sheet sharing.

The stocks will be shortlisted based on the Prime Investment System and the shared portfolio sheet will be updated before ​8 pm on Sunday, the day before 1st Monday of every month.​

  • ​Early Access to ​Stock Portfolio for ​6 months
  • ​Portfolio Power: Google spreadsheet template for managing the stock portfolio
  • ​FAQ
  • ​Email & Phone Support for ​6 months

Regular Price: Rs. 5,999
Offer Price: Rs. 3,451

  • ​Early Access to ​Stock Portfolio for ​1 year
  • ​Portfolio Power: Google spreadsheet template for managing the stock portfolio
  • ​FAQ
  • ​Email & Phone Support for ​1 year

Regular Price: Rs. ​​​​10,9​99
​Offer Price: ​Rs. ​​​​​​5,​951​

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Your Privacy Protected​

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The strategies guiding the Prime Investment System are backed by sound investment principles​​.​​​

The strategies are based on the idea that the stocks moving up tend to move up further. In other words, the stocks which gave great returns in the past have a good chance to deliver similar returns in the future as well.​

The idea is implemented along with the effective risk reward management tactics. They are; cut losses short and let profits run. That means, maintain a predefined stop loss and don't have a price based target.​

The investment system is designed to deliver extraordinary returns. It has delivered excellent returns in the past. It can deliver similar returns in the future. Said that returns are not guaranteed.​

Have a question? We would have answered it.​

​Who can take the Early Access to Stock Portfolio s​ervice?

​What is the past performance of stocks based on the Prime Investment System?

​How much returns can ​the system generate​?​

Is Prime Investment System ​based on fundamental analysis or technical analysis?​​

​When will I get access to the shared stock portfolio sheet?​

​When will the shared stock portfolio sheet get updated with new stocks?​​​​

​​​How can I access the shared stock portfolio sheet​?

​What’s the process to get the ​service?​

Got an unanswered question? Email or call 8880229922​


Pradeep Kumar A

The stock positions in the ​stock portfolio on this webpage are actual trades ​by Pradeep Kumar A, Founder of Top Gainers System. The stock positions that he is going to take will be shared through Early Access to Stock Portfolio service.

​He is associated with the stock market from 2010. ​He has extensive experience in ​equities, ​futures & options, and commodities markets in India.​

The ​live stock portfolio on this webpage is only for reference to see the past performance of the portfolio. Note that there will be a delay of a few days in updating the new stock positions.

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