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Course Highlights​

Sprint​ Investment System Course guides you to build a profitable stock portfolio and thereby gain extraordinary returns in the stock market.

Sprint Investment System
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    Strategies backed by sound investment principles​​
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    Very simple to understand & easy to implement​
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    Extensive financial knowledge not required​

Sprint Investment System is a complete investment system with well defined answers to all possible questions that may arise during the investment process. It has clear answers to the important questions like:

  • Which stock universe to consider?​
  • How to shortlist stocks?​
  • When to buy a stock?​
  • When to sell a stock in a losing position?​​
  • When to sell a stock in a winning position?​
  • How much to risk per stock?​​
  • How much to invest per stock?​
  • How many stocks to invest in?​
  • When to rebalance a portfolio?​

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the Sprint Investment System Course.​

Module 1: 17 Super Principles of Stock Investing

In this module, we go through 17 super principles on which our investment systems have been built.

Module ​2: ​Sprint Investment System​​

In this module, we explore in detail the entry criteria, exit criteria, investment per stock, number of stocks to invest in, risk per stock, and risk management strategy of Sprint Investment System.​

Additional Resources Included​​​

  • ​Portfolio Power: Google spreadsheet template for managing the stock portfolio
  • FAQ​​

​Features​ of Sprint Investment System

  • Stocks buying frequency: Every month​​
  • Stocks to buy every month: ​10 stocks​​
  • Portfolio size: 1​0 stocks​​
  • Holding period of every stock: ​1 month​​​​​
  • Investment strategy: Momentum investing​​

Sprint Investment System Course is a zero fluff online course (video) with solid content covering all essentials to start investing and gaining returns as soon as possible.

You will have access to the course with email support for one ​year.

  • ​Access to ​Sprint Investment System Course for one year
  • ​Email Support for one year

Regular Price: Rs. 3,9​99
​Special ​​Offer Price: ​ONLY Rs. ​​​1,791​​

Get to know the 10 stocks shortlisted based on the Sprint Investment System in advance every month.​

You will have early access to the stock portfolio via google sheet sharing with email and phone support for one year.

  • ​Early Access to ​​Stock Portfolio for one year
  • ​Email & Phone Support for one year

Regular Price: Rs. ​9,9​99
​Special ​​Offer Price: ​ONLY Rs. ​​​​4,791​​

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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​Is Sprint Investment System Course based on value investing, growth investing, or any other investing strategy?​​

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​When will I get access to the course?​​

​How can I access the course?​​

When will I get access to the stock portfolio sheet in case of early access to portfolio service?​

​When will the stocks get updated in the stock portfolio sheet in case of early access to portfolio service?​

​​​How can I access the stock portfolio sheet in case of early access to portfolio service?

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Pradeep Kumar A

​Pradeep Kumar A, ​Founder of Top Gainers System, has been associated with the stock market from 2010. ​He has extensive experience in ​equities, ​futures & options, and commodities markets in India.​

His investing success motivated ​him to de​velop stock investing courses for stock market beginners in India. ​He strongly believes that the courses implant investing success mantra to beginners in the stock market.​

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