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Sublime Investing Strategy - Past Performance

The spreadsheet above has Performance, Holding, and Exited sheets.

The Performance sheet has a short analysis of the portfolio. You can see month on month returns, recent 6 months returns, recent 1 year returns, cumulative returns, etc.

The Holding sheet shows the stocks that are bought and not sold yet. The Exited sheet has the stocks that are bought and sold.

Both the sheets have all the important info about each and every stock. You can see the info like the NSE Stock Symbol, Buy Price, Buy Date, Sell Price, Sell Date, Recent Price, Profit/Loss%, Holding Days, etc.

The portfolio has delivered excellent month on month returns. From its inception this portfolio has outperformed Nifty 50 by a huge margin.

The above portfolio is based on a stock investing strategy called Sublime Investing Strategy. It is a rule based investment strategy with well defined answers to all possible questions that may arise during the investment process.

It has clear answers to the important decisions like:

Highlights of Sublime Investing Strategy

Learn all the aspects of the Sublime Investing Strategy.

Sublime Investment System

Get to know the complete strategy of the Sublime Investing Strategy. Get access to the Complete Strategy spreadsheet. It contains step by step guidelines about entry criteria, exit criteria, risk management, etc. This makes you self reliant on building and managing a portfolio based on this strategy.

And validate your learnings.

Sublime Investment System

Get to verify your learnings. Have access to the portfolio reference spreadsheet where you can cross check the stocks shortlisted by you.

And have access to all the necessary resources.

You will have access to the FAQ sheets. Also you will have access to the tools like auto updating portfolio management spreadsheet template, stock screener spreadsheets, etc.

And we are always there to help you.

The most important part, you can reach out to us via email or phone for any queries.

We have covered everything required for you to get multifold returns and achieve financial freedom.

What Other Investors are Saying . . .

“Good structured and disciplined investment system.”

– Viswaprasad Kalidindi

“Wonderful way of investing. Everything is so clear and you start investing with discipline. There’s no way you will get tense while trading if you follow what Pradeep tells you to do. Thanks Pradeep for always being available on the phone for any doubts or queries.”

– Sahana Jogur

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Rs. 18,999
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It is a stock investing strategy with clear guidelines for building and managing a stock portfolio. The purpose of the investing strategy is to capture long term trends in the market.

You will get access to the Complete Strategy Spreadsheet for learning purposes. And you will get access to the Portfolio Reference Spreadsheet for validating your learnings. Also you will get access to the necessary resources. And for any help you can reach out to us via email or phone.

It is for you if you are busy in your current job but finding ways for income generation and wealth creation.

It is for you if you want to learn a super cool investment strategy that is giving great returns and is simple to understand, easy to implement, and less time consuming.

It is for you if you want to validate your learnings.

It is for you if you want to achieve financial freedom by investing in the stock market.

Also check out the Freedom Club, a pack of 4 strategies.

Note that the below info is just a guide for the investment strategies. All your investments will be in your trading accounts.

The ideal investment amount for this portfolio is between Rs. 1.2L and Rs. 5L.

Go with a pack of 4 strategies (Freedom Club) if your investment amount is between Rs. 5L and Rs. 20L.

The fee is mentioned just before the Get Started button on this page.

Step 1: Choose a suitable subscription and click on the GET STARTED button on this page. A new page opens.

Step 2: You can see many payment options. Make a payment with your convenient payment option.

Step 3: Whatsapp/email your Payment Info, Name, Gmail ID and City after payment confirmation.

Step 4: Soon after payment confirmation you will receive an email with all the relevant information. This may take up to 48 hours.​

The portfolio has delivered excellent month on month returns. From its inception this portfolio has outperformed Nifty50 by a huge margin. Refer to the Performance sheet in the above spreadsheet for stats.

The investment strategy is designed to deliver extraordinary returns. It has delivered excellent returns till now. There is a good chance of continuing the same performance in the future as well. Said that returns are not guaranteed.

The strategy is not based on either fundamental analysis or technical analysis.

The investment strategy is based on momentum investing, trend following, and similar strategies​. The idea is implemented along with a couple of excellent concepts. They are; cut losses short and let profits run. That means, it has a predefined stop loss and doesn’t have a price based target. Refer to the Exited sheet in the above spreadsheet to see how these concepts worked and yielded great returns.

You will get access to all the relevant resources within 48 hours after order confirmation. Please ensure to use your correct gmail id and contact number while ordering a service.

You can access the spreadsheets via desktop, laptop, or smartphone. You will have access to the sheets via google sheet sharing. Ensure that you have logged in to your gmail account before opening a sheet.

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He endeavors to empower investors by various means to get decent returns on their stock market investments.


The stock portfolio on this webpage is only for reference to see the past performance of the portfolio based on the Sublime Investing Strategy.